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Schengen Visa is the authorised document issued by the appropriate and high authorities to the interested party for visiting/travelling to and within the Schengen Area. The Schengen Area is comprised of 26 countries that have agreed to allow free movement of their citizens within this area as a single country.

Schengen Visa is one of the best visa for the Tourists who want to visit many countries in a one go. In schengen visa which we will offer will provide you the facility to roam 26 countries in a go.

Why to Choose Schengen Visa by Countrywide Visas.

  1.  We provide you this visa in easy cost.
  2. You can get the visa approval within 15-20 days after registration with us.
  3. This is the only visa which allow you to visit 26 countries in one go.
  4. No border cross checking with this visa.
  5. No immigration required on border once you will get entered in SCHENGEN.
  6. You will get same price of goods in every country which comes under this Visa, it is also a good news for the couples or the ones who love shopping 😛
  7. Single Time Biometric will be required which is valid for 59 months.
  8. No driving licence is required if you are on International Schengen Visa.
  9. You will get tremendous view of Europe and if you are a history lover then this must be the best place for you to visit.
Choose Tourist Visa and Get Stamped Within 15-20 Days.

Schengen Tourist Visa Application Form

Schengen Visa is for the ones who have a good habit of gathering knowledge about History, its beauty,monuments configuration, architectural background people and for all the ones who want to take a break from their hussy busy life. So if you are looking for a good break or you are a newly wed then from our opinion you must go for this visa. This visa is so cheap than any other Tourist visa for any country.

The countries whose citizens are required to obtain a Schengen visa in order to enter one of its member countries are listed in the following section.

Afghanistan Guinea Peru
Algeria Guinea-Bissau Philippines
Angola Guyana Qatar
Armenia Haiti Russia
Azerbaijan India Rwanda
Bahrain Indonesia Samoa
Bangladesh Iran Sao Tome And Principe
Belarus Iraq Saudi Arabia
Belize Jamaica Senegal
Benin Jordan Sierra Leone
Bhutan Kazakhstan Solomon Islands
Bolivia Kenya Somalia
Botswana Kiribati South Africa
Burkina Faso Kuwait Sri Lanka
Burma/Myanmar Kyrgyzstan St Lucia
Burundi Laos St Vincent & The Grenadines
Cambodia Lebanon Sudan
Cameroon Lesotho Suriname
Cape Verde Liberia Swaziland
Central African Republic Libya Syria
Chad Madagascar Tajikistan
China Malawi Tanzania
Colombia Maldives Thailand
Comoros Mali Timor-Leste
Congo Marshall Islands Togo
Cote D’ivoire Mauritania Tonga
Cuba Micronesia Trinidad and Tobago
Dem. Rep. Of Congo Moldova Tunisia
Djibouti Mongolia Turkey
Dominica Morocco Turkmenistan
Dominican Republic Mozambique Tuvalu
Ecuador Namibia Uganda
Egypt Nauru Ukraine
Equatorial Guinea Nepal Uzbekistan
Eritrea Niger Vanuatu
Ethiopia Nigeria Vietnam
Fiji North Korea Yemen
Gabon Northern Mariana’s Zambia
Gambia Oman Zimbabwe
Georgia Pakistan Kosova
Ghana Palau
Grenada Papua New Guinea



For every visa you need some of the documents to fulfill the requirement of the respected Country government. Similarly in Schengen Visa you need to provide few documents which are vital and yet essential to get your Visa with 15 – 20 days. Like every visa, Schengen government do not require plenty of documents, they do ask only few documents which are easy to earn and easy to go.

Documents Required For Schengen Visa  :

  1. National Identity Number ( Like if you are in India, you can provide your PAN Card number and Aadhaar Number)
  2. Travel Document which consists of scanned copy of your passport.
  3. Passport Types : As per the application form if you carry ordinary passport, Diplomatic Passport, Service Passport, Official Passport, Special Passport or any other travel document then you are eligible to apply for Schengen Tourist Visa or Business Visa.

Only these are the mainly required things which we want to file your case successfully. For the further information you can reach us at 7042186553 or you can mail your query at

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