Why Countrywide Visas is the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Saudi Arabia?

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Why Countrywide Visas is the best immigration consultants in Saudi Arabia?

Countrywide visas have been operating and serving their clients from August’15.  We are among the top 10 best immigration consultants in Delhi, India. But we provide our service to the international clients also. We are known for our legal way of documentation and correct knowledge of our service. We have served more than 20,000 clients with 100% success rate. We do professional and legal consulting for immigration and visa services. We pride ourselves in providing great customer service to our clients

Our service includes providing PR visa to those clients who are interested in migrating abroad permanently. We also had international clients and helped them in migrating to Canada. Countrywide visas are a real immigration consultant with real immigration experts with a transparent process. We have served our clients who are loyal to us; they provided us with the positive feedbacks and real client success stories that can be checked on our official website.

How to migrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a country which is known as the land of the two Holy Mosques Mecca and Medina. Al-Masjid al-Haram (in Mecca) and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi (in Medina) are the two holiest places in Islam. People living there have to follow the rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia. There are a lot of people in Saudi Arabia interested in migrating to Canada and a lot of people have already migrated to Canada as a permanent resident.

Canada is at the top of the list of best immigration countries as it has lenient and ideal immigration policies. People all over the world immigrate to Canada. There are endless reasons why people want to migrate to Canada. Living in Canada can be afforded by an immigrant. Image result for canada transparent image

Canada has been ranked first in serving best quality of life for the people living there. It is one of the best countries to raise kids with cultural diversity, social security benefits, advanced infrastructure facilities, quality of life, etc. Also, there are a lot of options for the job. People from Saudi Arabia migrate to Canada for better living options with no rules and regulations.

There are 3 ways through which people from Saudi Arabia can migrate to Canada as a Permanent Resident of Canada.  

Express Entry Program

This program was introduced on January 1, 2015, by the government of Canada. Through this process, a skilled and talented candidate is selected for immigration to Canada.Immigration to Canada From Saudi Arabia under Express Entry Program 2018

Express entry is a selection system for people who are interested in moving to Canada. Thus Express Entry Program is a selection system for Canadian immigration that is designed to select skilled workers based on their skills and ability to contribute to Canada’s economy. This selection process is completely an electronic process that involves the federal government, provincial government, and Canadian employers.

Comprehensive Ranking Score known as CRS is decided for every Express Entry Draw. A minimum comprehensive ranking system score (CRS) is fixed for qualifying express entry draw. If your comprehensive ranking system score (CRS) is equal to or more than the minimum comprehensive ranking system score (CRS), then you will be considered as qualified and will receive an invitation to apply. Otherwise, your application for Canadian immigration will not be selected for the further procedure.

As Express entry is an electronic system that manages applications to select a potential candidate for immigration to Canada, this whole process takes place through three programs mentioned below:

Each of the above-mentioned programs has different eligibility criteria than others.

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Each province and territory of Canada has its own streams and criteria for their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) . Immigrants can be nominated through the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) by any of the provinces and territories in Canada. In order to immigrate to Canada under the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), the immigrants must be skilled, educated and have work experience that can contribute to the economy of the province or territory.

The eligibility criterion for the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) is different based on whether the applicants apply through the paper-based (non-Express Entry streams) or Express Entry (Express Entry streams) process. Both have their own eligibility requirements to apply under Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)

Quebec is one of the provinces of Canada that has its own rules and regulations. Quebec skilled worker Program also known (QSWP) was developed by the government of Quebec and the federal government of Canada.

Image result for quebec skilled worker programThis program focuses on highly educated and trained foreign nationals. These people are selected to immigrate to Quebec as skilled workers. So this program is designed for highly educated and trained candidates who want to immigrate to Quebec. This program has nine selection factors based on which the applicants are rewarded points. Based on their points score they receive invitations to apply.

Benefits of Migrating to Canada from Saudi Arabia

  • If you are migrating to Canada as a permanent resident, you will be served equal rights by the government of Canada (except voting rights). The only right you will not be served is voting rights
  • If you are migrating to Canada as a permanent resident, you are allowed to choose your own location. The applicants are free to choose where you want to work and live.
  • If you are migrating to Canada as a permanent resident in Canada, you will be served every social benefit just like a Canadian citizen. You will be given health care benefits, social security, education facility etc.
  • Living in Canada means living in the most peaceful and multicultural environment in Canada. People in Canada are very friendly to everyone doesn’t matter the person is a Canadian citizen or a migrant. People from all over the world live together in Canada. No one is discriminated against on the basis of his or her gender, religion or country.
  • There are fewer safety issues compared to other countries. Canada is also known for healthy and safe communities.
  • A permanent resident visa is valid for only 5 years. After spending 5 years in Canada on a permanent resident visa, the applicants can apply for Canadian citizenship.

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Top 10 Immigration Consultants In Saudi Arabia

If you are migrating from Saudi Arabia and you have the required skills, education and work experience, then Canada is the best place for you. There are a lot of job opportunities in Canada for you. Canadian employer will hire you based on your skills, education and work experience and will pay you accordingly. Every year a lot of skilled and talented people from all over the world migrate to Canada for better job opportunities. Because of a migrant’s skills, education and work experience, Canadian employers provide endless opportunities to them because their talent will contribute to their company’s growth as well as the economy of Canada.

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Why should someone hire the best immigration consultant when immigrating to Canada?

Migration is a process in which a person moves from one country to another country permanently or temporarily. Since moving into a new nation is completely a tough decision but tough decisions always lead to a better life. Legal immigration is the most difficult task at this time. A lot of people provide immigration service not in a legal way. Moving to a different country is really a difficult decision for a person. So you should not make a decision that can make you regret later in your life. Thus you must choose the best immigration consultant for you legal documentation work. You must choose an immigration consultant that provides legal services and whose immigration process is transparent to its client so that one can know his or her application process and application status at every stage of the immigration process.

How to apply with Countrywide Visas?

Countrywide visas is a fastest growing Immigration consultancy with a large devoted team of Immigration experts providing, its clients a hassle-free, professional services to file their applications for various immigration programs. You are welcome to call us or send us an email with your immigration questions and inquiries. You may contact us on 011-41075840 / 011-41045840  or leave a mail at You may also fill theTechnical Assessment Form for free to get a call back from our Immigration Specialists. All you need to do is fill an assessment form and let our immigration experts assist you over the phone call or by meeting you in person and give you the best available options to fulfill your dreams of settling abroad.


We work in a legal manner to provide you best results. We are your Immigration partners who will support you till your fly.

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